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Author Comments:

Theorah, November 29th, 2010, 4:24 pm

- Hey everyone! Thanks for all your comments on the page I put up...what...almost 4 months ago??? D:

I've been very busy, with the job I mentioned all that time ago, amongst struggling with normal life and money troubles!

I've been pondering over Illusional Beauty recently, and have made a horribly difficult decision to stop drawing it (so close to the end!! ;_; )

Its very simple, I just cant bring myself to finish drawing something that I KNOW I'm not ever going to print, and will not be proud to show people either, because the art quality is just so bad.

It isnt completely the end though, because I genuinely think the story is good, and I dont want to let the characters/plot go to waste. I want to retell IB in a different format, and with much more visual quality/detail that I think it deserves (those lovely renaissance costumes, gone to waste on bad artwork!!)

After discussing with my sister, she suggested maybe doing a visual storyboard type thing, something along these lines: http://www.vimeo.com/8048953
or I was thinking of doing an artbook-story type thing. I havent really decided, but we'll wait and see.

I'm sorry that its ended so abruptly, it hasnt been abrupt for me, since I have long not been pleased with the quality of the visual style I tried to approach with the comic.

I have plenty of other stories planned though, so keep this on your faves so I can update people when I start my next webcomic, and when I redo Illusional Beauty too ^_^

...and apologies for the random doodles. I watched Gladiator the other day and did something to suit my evil Roman Emperor avatar XD

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Reader Comments:


oh no!! i enjoyed every minute of this! especially since i'm such a history/music nerd. i'm kinda sad! i'm gonna miss mister sideburns. :( but whatever you make next is sure to be just awesome! Everything you write is awesome (and draw, for that matter!) i can't wait to see what you come up with next!!

posted by mamorii on November 29th, 2010, 5:21 pm


.... well, I'm sad that this comic won't update anymore, but I think you made the right decision to end it if you are unhappy with it. I think this comic and the way it was told was a fabulous idea--besides which, I think the way that it looked like it was drawn quickly added to its atmosphere. But I won't disagree with you that some more detail would bring it to life more.

I look forward to more comics from you :3 Keep us updated!

posted by sentiashinou on November 29th, 2010, 7:34 pm


Waugh! What a sad thing to hear. But if you're unhappy with it then making a hard decision like that is the smart move, I guess.
I do however like the sound of an artbook! That could suit the story perfectly! I look forward to your eventual return to these characters ^_^ But for now I'll try to keep up with your current work instead! Hehe.

posted by Lyco on November 30th, 2010, 5:50 am


awww I understand. Its sad but since you may redraw it in the future.. I'm not too sad about it. I would really like to find out what happens in the end of the story someday.
That visual storyboard is really interesting though. Its like reading online manga on you -tube. :D
I'm looking forward to seeing your other work too. Please come back again soon, smackjeeves isnt the same anymore without you... D:

posted by eternalbeliever12 on December 1st, 2010, 10:56 am


Oh... at first I was sad that you decided to stop, but I agree that more visual quality would do the story much justice and bring more life to it :D an artbook-story type thing sounds really interesting. Looking forward to your next works :)

posted by Istoria on December 3rd, 2010, 12:43 am


;___________; Nooooooooooooooo~

I understand what you mean...I just wanted some closure! :( I don't want the adventure to end so soon!

Do what you have to do. Life comes first, after all. I'll keep this on my favorites; I like artbooks! Be successful in everything that you do! *thumbs up*

posted by Piano-kun on December 6th, 2010, 1:14 am


I'm sad to hear that you'll stop drawing this comic, i really liked it. Anyway i think comic format suits well your story so, if you decide to retell it, it would be wonderful to see it in comic again... At least this is my opinion. Hope to see more of your works soon (i liked your short stories too^^)

posted by bluecrow on December 24th, 2010, 7:13 am

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