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Theorah, July 9th, 2009, 9:12 am

- Thanks for the nice comment, yubria! :)
I want to upload all the pages Ive done now, cos this is where it gets fun and interesting (to me anyway!)
Yesterday I found a japanese comic where Beetoven is the main character- and it also features Shuburt and other composers of the time. The story is intriguing, and they have beetovens personality down perfect (unimpressed by everything). But I cant help but critisize how the comic seems to taken all inspiration from rumours and romance rather then historical accuracy. Although its a fiction, the characters and setting were real, and so I feel the comic mightve had more depth if it had taken more from the historical side and then had total focus on its own fictional parts. Its hard to explain what I mean though :S The whole Salieri hating Mozart thing has been put in there, even though that really is just the story for Amadeus (film/play). Same with the fact Mozart got around with lots of woman, that was only done for the sake of showing an idea/theme in Amadeus!
Also, the thing I crit the most, is just the fcat that Beetoven looks nothing like himself! XD In this comic he looks like a typical yaoi bishonen- slender body, tiny nose, girly features! Beetoven wasnt bad looking, but he didnt look like that! D:
Sorry for my rant, Im such a history geek XD
I still dig the comic anyway- its fun and entertaining, and I have a feeling thats all its meant to be, so I'll look past the little inaccuracies only a Mozart fan would know about XD

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