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Theorah, October 3rd, 2009, 11:39 am

- thanks for your comments, guys! :)
hehe Yubria, Im glad you like him, hes not a very serious character, hes purely treating this like a fun whimsical game!
Mandu, The Country Death song is my favorite too. Alot of their songs are like that, thats what I mean by 'sinister' :P Its a shame there really isnt much of their stuff on youtube.
I know another 'murder' ballad by Modest Mouse, called 'this devils workday', its so full of nastyness you get a real sense of a story and character from it, it would be easy to make a dark comic from the song!
Im sorry I didnt update yesterday, an old friend stayed over unexpectedly and took all my energy and time, haha same thing has happened today but with some even older friends!
From this page onwards I hath found the perfect watercolouring paper...its perfectly in scale with the printing size, it doesnt soak up the colour too quickly- making it easier to get fluent brush strokes that can be edited, the surface is smooth enough that it wont ruin my inking pens. And best of all, the reason the paper before this didnt do these things was because it was cheap, under £5!! But, this paper? IS EVEN CHEAPER! And has more pages! D:

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Reader Comments:


Is she going to enter a series of secret sliding doors, like on the TV show Get Smart?

posted by mandu on October 3rd, 2009, 1:46 pm

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