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Theorah, November 25th, 2009, 1:46 pm

- Thanks for your comment, Eternalbeliever ^^ Wow that was really insightful of you, maybe the high contrast does work, although its not in keeping with the rest of the comic.
lol dont take all my advice, I'm probably biased when it comes to Swindon, although if you want to do a course in comics then I recommend ^^

Excuse me whilst I rant for a moment, this has nothing to do with anything, Im just having one of those days...

Sometimes an artist can feel really crummy about their work, feel like they're getting nowhere real quick, and that there's a reason they dont win competitions or get any comments. I'm having one of those crummy days!
I just want to tell stories through comics, but art is a big part of it, isnt it? Ive never been bothered by art so much myself, so maybe thats why I cant grasp it...to me good art is something thats clear and says what it needs to say. I dont find much appeal in comics that look amazing and pretty, its just a bonus if the story is clear and the art is nice like that with it.
Im frustratingly just not good at making my art look NICE and PRETTY, and annoyingly if you want a story to reach out to someone, thats apparently what you need alot of the time :( I want to draw comics for a living, but Im not sure it'll happen since I cant draw something that makes people go 'ooooh' or 'thats so cute!'. I just cant do it, and its so frustrating!!!!
I understand that ART is the important part of a comic, but why does PRETTY ART have to be the winning factor if you want to get lots of readers :S
But who knows, maybe its more then my art not being pretty? maybe my art just sucks!! Maybe in all the years of comiking Ive done I just suck at comics all together! D: The truth alludes me! Theres a reason I dont get readers or comments, but what is that reason?? I cant find it!! XO

..../rant, Im just bummed that I have over 100 pages of comic but under 45 fans, whilst any pretty comic with only 5 pages can already get 500 fans ;_;

Advertisement, September 15th, 2019, 11:27 pm


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Reader Comments:


First comment! Lol
Ooh, very interesting stuff is happening, and what is going on with that last panel?

posted by Yubria on November 25th, 2009, 1:43 pm


Hey, just read your comment. I know the feeling and it can be very fustrating when you see rubbish comics with one or two pages get tons of fans while your own seems to fall behind. I get the same with my comic too, especially when I lose fans which is fortunately not very often. But building a fanbase is a long, slow process and its those that presevere and do their best for those already following it that will eventually succeed. So chin up, hang in there and keep doing your best.
As for your artwork - are you nuts??? I'm probably not the best at commenting, but I'm a very big fan of your comics and artwork as is Yubria obviously as she comments on everypage of both this and London Underworld. Your colours in this are vibrant and beautiful and they convey the scenes and emotions perfectly. I have been flabbergasted by some of your pages, especially the ones where music is played. And this applies to LU too. Your style reminds me of Toulouse-Lautrec (one of my favourite artists) with your styalised lines and brushstrokes. It's instantly recognisable and highly original. Some people may scoff as its 'cartoony' but even if thats the case, it doesn't mean its any less artistic.
So in conclusion, after this great big rant, I think your art is highly appealing to the eye and you should never have reason to doubt yourself!

posted by KimBoCruicky on November 25th, 2009, 4:30 pm


Ah, I know what you mean about that whole art thing. I feel that way when I look at KoP, which has 60+ pages and 20ish fans, and then I look at a generic art/plot manga with 2 pages and 300 fans. But the way I see it is that I'd rather not go mainstream with whatever is really popular, but just keep doing my comic the best I can in my own way since I'm ultimately making the comic to have fun and tell a story at the same time. Sure it would be great to have a bunch more fans, but that's not the name of the game.
My guess as to why you don't have tons of fans is (a) Your style isn't mainstream/generic like a lot of the popular ones, (2) it isn't yaoi, (iii) it isn't dark and creepy- vampires optional. And to me, that's all ok because I like LU and IB as they're interesting stories with interesting characters that don't fall into the above categories.
What I'm trying to say is- you definitely don't suck, you're just different than what is currently popular. (at least, that's the way I see it.) I hope that helps and that it all makes sense. <3

posted by Yubria on November 26th, 2009, 9:52 am

hope this makes sense

Ah you nearly made me cry,please dont feel bad. I understand exactly how you feel. Theres alot of people on here who have been ranting about that for a while now. Honestly I think theres a very limited fanbase on here. Ive been on smackjeeves for about two years now and I've learnt that comics with "noob" art get alot of fans just because thier comic is set in Japan. Or just because its a BL. Other comics dont even get a chance.Especially the ones that dont contain stereotypical manga styles such as big eyes and anime styled colouring. You know before I used to be so desperate to get so- called "fans" that I would alter my syle and copy japanese comics as best as I can. But now Im sick and fed up of conforming. Its really tempting to set a comic in japan to get more fans or alter my syle and whatever. But then wouldnt that just make me a big faker? Id rather not, Im trying my best to show people what its like to live in england, you know culture. I want to draw how I want.But I feel alot of pressure, Sometimes I feel sad because my comics count is more than my fan count, unlike other comics.And everytime I gain a fan I lose one. I start thinking, am I that bad at drawing? But then I forget Im really lucky because even some popular comics dont get at least one comment on every page. I even try my best to draw pretty art, buts its not me, if anything I want to draw like you. Because you are a great artist and your art is unique. It probably dont mean much coming from me though. I think on here its like a beauty contest the more kawaii and generic your art style is the more "fans." But dont let that shake you, we must continue to do what makes us happy and that is making comics no? Its hard though Ive got alot of comics on my fav list, and part of me really wants to draw like them and be like them. But then I want to learn to be creative and orignal, I think thats more important. I feel like a loser when I concentare on trying to get more fans as if im desperate. But Im really fed up,of trying to live up to others standards.Im glad I have Readers such as you and 3o-sknight who appriecate my comic for what it is, I cant thank you enough for your support. So no matter what I want to support you too. And I do love your comic, Im glad I gave it a chance.I just wished more people would do that on here. Ok Im rambling but I cant help it, sorry if anyone disagrees with me here, but this is how I feel. Sorry theres so much "I" on this comment, because I can really relate to you. Just Cant help but feel sad about it sometimes :_; I also agree with the above comments

posted by eternalbeliever12 on November 26th, 2009, 10:17 am


I was going to comment on how I liked the color transition from the sad blue color to the angry redish (in which I still commented and compliment on) when I saw this big discussion here xD.

Don't worry good people, I understand, to a point. I haven't had a comic very long but the boy love fan base is driving me crazy D:. I don't understand what people see in that. I just wanted to tell you guys that you aren't alone and there are people who care more for a good plot line then boys making out with each other.

posted by flying-angel on February 4th, 2010, 11:16 pm

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