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Theorah, January 15th, 2010, 3:41 pm

- Thanks for your comments guys, muchly appreciated! ^_^
aw thanks for such a nice comment, Yubria! heheh Id have a wider pallete more often if I trusted myself with it!
Yeah I can understand that about the book, and thats the nice thing about most books is that you really get inside the charcters heads rather then being deattatched to it through the watching of film or theatre.
And LOL thanks for not bragging! XDD wow, old-snow cars sound pretty cool 0_0 I was wondering, because it snows so much where you live, is it fairly cold all year around, or is it one of those places where you get very cold winters and very hot summers? And does it get colder the futhur up mountains you go? haha I should go explore places more ^^;
Thank you for the lovely comment, Living Rock! lol that would be really funny, I'm tempted to draw that XD
wow mangazebra, its great to get a comment from you, I love your shorts and art style so much! 0_0

Ok, so since I only do 4 pages a week, Friday will be extra day! I really enjoy doing little toys like this, so I hope you will like the extras I put up ^_^
First of all I recieved a lovely fanart from Yubria, who is one of my fave artists on Smackjeeves. She has a great fantasy comic here, which contains all the things I love about fantasy stories!:

Second of all, on this page, you will see a ready-to-be-folded Music gift box! ^_^
Go here to download the print-sized box:

And then print it out, and fold according to these instructions:

And the finished result will be a music-gift box! It is both a box and a piece of sheet music (the music around the inside walls) which is a piano version of 'Greensleeves'. It could make a nice gift for a friend, or just something fun to fold! I folded one myself, and now I keep my pocket watch in it XD

Please print it out and try it, its fun to fold stuff into boxes! XD

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Reader Comments:


wow looks fun I love the design. I wish I had ink in my printer dammmmit :(

posted by eternalbeliever12 on January 15th, 2010, 6:50 pm


I think you should play around with it more, you never know what might happen! (lovely design here, btw)
Yeah, I think the one thing that books have over other storytelling media is that it can really tell you HOW the character feels, not just what they think, although I'm not sure many authors can pull it off the right way to make it feel realistic.
Lol, my pleasure. XD Well, where I live can get pretty hot during the summer, but there's no humidity, so it doesn't always feel as hot as it did back east. (can I correctly assume it's pretty humid over there?) But yes, it definitely gets colder as you go higher, and we've learned to take a jacket when we go into the mountains, as even during the summer, b/c it can get really chilly!

posted by Yubria on January 16th, 2010, 7:11 pm

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