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Theorah, March 9th, 2010, 1:32 pm

- Thanks for your comments guys, muchly appreciated :)
haha yes flying angel, that will be interesting to draw, a ball without music or dancing XD
Oh cool Moe23 you've read it too? :D Its very gripping isn't it? Tatta is my favorite character! 20 years on he's still very...Tattaish XD And Siddartha is pretty cool too, I find it funny how he's so rebellious in the early volumes. After he becomes Buddha he's much more peaceful, although he still has a bit of fire in him even when he's an old man!
Chirurotsu, you leave so many comments XD Thank you though, they are very observant :)
You'd be suprised about Amadeus. Alot of people think it's a biography, but TBH the Mozart in Amadeus isnt like the real Mozart at all. RL Mozart was quite bright/cheerful, but thats the most resemblance. (Ive read Mozarts letters so I'm not just making this all up XD) Hes not even the main character in the film, which is more about Mozart's rival, Sallieri, who is unbearably jealous. Its a very interesting film never the less. Sallieri blames God for all his problems, and says many times that he feels God is laughing at him through Mozart. Of course it is Sallieri's fault that he feels like this. Even at the end of the film he hasn't got rid of his bitterness, despite putting Mozart into ruin and becoming more popular then Mozart. He is still haunted by Mozart and his music, which carries on being remembered long after he is dead, all because he won't take the blame for the bad things he's done.
Wah Ive always wanted to see Antionette! It looks really good!
Wow that sucks about your college teahers. I dont like it when I hear stories of teachers that are actually discouraging you to achieve your dream, thats really sad that they would put someone down like that :( Thats right though, keep on going and do what you can to be a comic artist! :D They have to be made an published somehow, its not like they've just come out of nowhere!!
And yeah you should read Buddha, wether or not you like Buddhism its a darn good story to get your teeth into :D

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Reader Comments:


I can tell that the princess is a very truthful person, that's what I like about her too :3

posted by eternalbeliever12 on March 10th, 2010, 6:03 pm


lol i want to tell how much i luv every page xDD hehe, and i try to be observant even though i think i fail at it 8D
ahhh yes when i was reading nodame cantabile, they had also included some of mozarts letters, so i totally agree tht he was a bright person, some of those letters had me laughin, i never imagine someone from tht time, talkin like tht, i really need to get my fingers in those letters, i want to read them all xD
ur makin the movie sound more and more amazing, i'll try and find it so i can watch it this weekend :3
and for real beethoven was his pupil thts hilarious, cuz of their wide difference in personality xD i could just imagine some of those lectures hahahahha
sallieri sounds like a pitiful person, to live like tht instead of enjoyin life, its sad :'(
yes its really bad when ur ART teacher the people who sould at least understand, would encourage u, it doesn't make sense, but i'm happy tht i'm quite stubborn, so i didn't let it get to me :) i was just really angry for a long time hehe.
i started despising tht teacher and then a whole year went by and i'd forgotten about the incidence so it wasn't hard talkin with her again, how strange.

hmmm its not easy to pretend ur happy when ur clearly not, does her brother not get tht >.<
just look how his mind wanders different places instead of listening to her

posted by Chirurotsu on March 11th, 2010, 4:20 pm

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