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Author Comments:

Theorah, March 24th, 2010, 3:48 pm

- Thank you for your comment, Yubria ^_^ Yeah I think I'll test it out an stuff, thanks for the ideas :D

Here is this chapter's song:


It was officially published in the 1700s, but is much older then that, a folk song that was passed down orally :) I think its charming ^^ (listen all the way through and theres a lovely celtic flute solo thing heheh)
I specifically wanted a folk song this chapter, because English Airs (the songs normally put in this) have very set/melancholy notes, which while very distinctive can get boring XD So I thought I'd slip in a lovely trad. song, folk songs always have very pleasing melodies :D

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Reader Comments:


That's such a nice song! Its really peaceful :) I'm imagining the traveller singing it so I cant help but put myself in the scene. I can really feel the joy :)
Ok I hope my English made sense O_o

posted by eternalbeliever12 on March 24th, 2010, 7:56 pm


Awwww, it's aye guid tae read a dash o' the doric!!! lol Sadly, I'm not a natural speaker of doric, even tho my family are - I just didnt pick it up for some reason. But I can understand it fine. It leads to some funny moments tho - my bf who's from the Borders came to mine once and my mum explained how my brother had come home wi some laundry and had shoved his too'els into his duvet cover. Steve looked confused and asked why he had tools. Poor thing didnt realise Mum meant towels HAHAHA!

posted by KimBoCruicky on March 25th, 2010, 6:54 am


aww tht song is soo pretty, its a got a real warm glow to it :3

flok songs are so great, they bring people together, and i like how u've captured tht in this comic.
i especially luv how u drew the way the music is embracing them on this page, slowly engulfing them with happiness also the red lines u drew is tht ink? i've always been wonderin about it :3

posted by Chirurotsu on March 26th, 2010, 9:18 am

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